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Bended tubes

Zoom Often, tubing in aircraft is very complex in design because of limitations in space and weight. Special tooling is required and advanced understanding of bending and material behaviour is essential to manufacture these parts.

Our bending capabilities with modern CNC-Benders range from 1/8 to 3
(with our partners to 5) in single-bends and complex geometry parts. All kind of thin wall tubing is processed.

Hardware installation of

  • Standard flanges ABS, NAS, NSA, AN
  • Beading MS, AS
  • Flaring
  • Built-to-print hardware
as well as
  • Elastomer swaging sleeves stainless and aluminum Harrison/Sierracin
  • Roller swaging Titan-sleeves Harrison/Sierracin
  • Permaswage fittings
  • Perma-Lite fittings (Oxygen, AIPS)
  • Hydraflow (vacuum, waste)
to complete the component for a ready-to-built-in component.

Our tubular components are in aircraft be found in

ATA 21  Airconditioning
ATA 25  equipment / furnishing
ATA 26  fire protection
ATA 28  fuel
ATA 29  hydraulic power
ATA 35  Oxygen
ATA 36  Pneumatic
ATA 37 and 38  vacuum / Water / Waste

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